Instructions for Submitting Homework

Processing produces all the .jar files necessary to deploy your sketches to the web, even ones that utilize OpenGL. It also formats the html page necessary with links to the source code, etc.

Submitting Sketches

Processing’s IDE has a built-in mechanism for publishing your work via Java applets. Just press the export-to-web button and a folder should pop up with all the files you need. These folders can then be placed on any web server.

After exporting the sketch, rename the “applet” folder to something web-friendly (use underscores or dashes instead of spaces), and move it to your assigned homework folder on the server. Keep the folder organized clearly by assignment. For instance, you might have a folder “assignment01-static-form” with several sketches in it.

Drop all of these sketches into your dropbox folder on the classes server. Christopher will link your submitted sketches to the website.

Submitting Other Work

Some assignments will ask you to provide answers to questions that don’t involve coding. Answers in plain text format are best (.txt). If you’re looking to try something new, you can try Textile markup, which our website supports.

Submitting to

I encourage you to submit your sketches to the network links section of the exhibition on the Processing website. You’ll probably have to register first.