Associativity Assignment


  1. Part 1
    Find a sketch in Processing’s examples. Write pseudocode that describes what each function does, then working your way from the functions to the main execution loop (i.e. draw()), determine how the sketch does what it does. Write this all as a set of clear pseudocode.
  2. Part 2
    Take two sketches and hack them together by copying functions from one to the other. For this to be successful, we have to understand what values are being calculated and how they are being used. Some sketches in the Processing examples will be too complicated at this stage, but there are some that are based just on functions that will work.
  3. Part 3
    Continue coding the game assigned last week, but using functions to help in your sketch’s semantics.



One piece of pseudocode, two sketches, submitted to the class’s Assignments Folder.


Assigned on: 15 February 2012

Due on: 21 February 2012 at 11:59PM