Multiplicity with Objects Assignment


Attempt to make a growing, self-generating composition of independent objects. Govern their motion through some automated means. Describe each object with a class, using instance variables for their location, speed, direction, and any other state that you like (color, rotation, etc.).

Create rules for creating more of them, either through keyboard interaction, or more preferable, some condition that leads them to create a new object. Use a global method, like createNewObject() to add another instance to the array.

After you have the first sketch, try now to make them dependent on some environmental condition. This can be a math equation that governs the intensity of some “ether” or magnetic field, or an invisible underlying background image, or something similar. Create a new sketch to show how the behavior is different.


A single sketch, deposited in the course’s Assignment folder.


Assigned on: 19 March 2012

Due on: 28 March 2012 at 11:59AM